Welcome to Living Hope Montessori

We are committed to providing a Christian Montessori environment in which your children may grow physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and spiritually.


While your children are in our care we want them to feel happy, secure, loved and wanted. Our aim is also to help each child enjoy learning and develop attitudes, skills and habits that will last throughout their entire life.


Your child will have opportunities for self expression, investigation, experimentation, and participation in large and small group activities. We want to provide situations in which children can achieve, build self-esteem, and become aware of the abilities God has given them.


We feel blessed that you have entrusted your children to us to help nurture and  educate them. We know that your role as parents is the most important one in their lives. We value and respect your beliefs and opinions. Please feel free to contact me or your child's lead teacher anytime to express any cares or concerns you may have. You are welcome to visit the school anytime.




Carolann Hoban


Our philosophy

We are committed to education and outreach by serving children and their families in the Las Cruces area. Enrollment is open to children of all religions, races, creeds, colors, or nationalities. Our Christian foundation is inclusive, not exclusive. We welcome families of all denominations, as well as those who have no religious affiliation. 


The Montessori Method of instruction was developed by Maria Montessori. This method teaches children how to learn, respect others, and develop the skills necessary to continue learning throughout their lives. It  focuses on developing the child as a whole. The materials used with each age group are designed to foster each child’s spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.