Mission statement

•To create an environment that encourages children to explore God’s world.


•To provide a Christian Montessori program  that  teaches children the love of  God and Jesus and how to share that love with others.  


•To stimulate a love of learning by allowing the children to dream, take risks, make mistakes and experience success. 

To encourage children  to grow in trust, independence, and initiative. 

Living Hope Montessori objectives

The Montessori Method of instruction was developed by Maria Montessori. This method teaches children how to learn, respect others, and develop the skills necessary to continue learning throughout their lives.  It  focuses on developing the child as a whole. The materials used with each age group are designed to foster each child’s spiritual ,physical,  intellectual,  emotional, and  social development.


The spiritual format introduces God and Jesus to the children in a very positive way,  focusing  on the ideathat they are kind, compassionate, loving, and always there to guide and protect us. A hand's-on curriculum introduces many Bible stories, songs, dances, and finger-plays.


Physical development materials designed to incorporate, develop, and refine your child's gross and fine motor skills as well as eye/hand and eye/foot coordination.  


Intellectual development materials utilized to provide your child with a wide range of experiences and knowledge inLanguage, Math, Geography, Science, Practical Life, Art, Music and Spanish. Many ofthese materialshelp to develop and refine the senses.


Emotional development is fostered through a non-competitive learning environment. This environmentencourages self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-discipline by enabling children  todevelop their own pace and level.  It makes children  aware of their  own strengths andteaches them how to correct any discovered weakness.


Social development is fostered by teaching children  the skills necessary to work and play with others.  We encourage cooperation, sharing, taking turns, resolving conflicts, and solving problems.